We excel at keeping informed with the economy, making sure our portfolios are updated accordingly and keep in line with the stated objectives. Our mission – and your mission become one. A partnership is created in every sense of the word. 


We establish stated objectives for each strategy that provide a basis for the amount of risk exposure that is acceptable. Adherence to the strategy’s individual objective is evaluated using quantitative and qualitative techniques which provide a performance measure for the given amount of risk taken. High performance outcome is always Chingle’s single greatest priority.



Chingle utilizes many sources of data including those both publicly available and proprietary. In terms of proprietary, the key is developing and exploiting data that we – and we alone possess. The other, is conducting extensive research using publicly-accessed data. A thorough investigation into these two data-specific areas yields the substance of the investment portfolio. We exhaust this process with the precision, comprehensiveness and completeness you would expect of us.



Chingle takes a top down approach to portfolio construction that is based on fundamental analysis and quantitative analysis. When managing the portfolio Chingle selects investments that appear to be temporarily undervalued by the market, but have a favorable outlook for long-term growth. At all times the client’s stated objectives are at the forefront of portfolio construction and maintenance.




The performance of each strategy is measured against the respective benchmarks stated in the investment policy. The underlying manager within each strategy may be assigned benchmarks that are different from the overall asset class benchmarks. The investment plan will therefore include the expected outperformance for each strategy. Performance objectives are based on each client’s individual aspirations and form the direction of our work with you. 


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